Retro cars at azure beach.

On the most beautiful plots of France and perhaps the world the acc car-lending service gives the inquirer possibility to enjoy this form of time-traveling from Menton to Saint Tropez, sitting in historic, classic, and young-timer cars; among them are Jaguars, Aston-Martins, Mercedes’, and Mustangs and „exotic” types from behind the iron curtain e.g. Chaika, usually belonging to communist secretaries, Volga of plant directors, and ministers. The Lada, Polski Fiat 1500, Skoda Felicia could have been bought by the average citizen too, by paying the 50% price in advance, and waiting patiently for 5-6 year till receiving the dream-car. Far from the every-day greyness and city noises one can to taste the experience of old-days car riding. Hire cars at us to wedding proposal, friend-meetings, event-openings, we are ready to organize even more-days tours connected with gastronomic adventures. According to needs we can organize driver-service in order to enjoy an amusing car journey. In case of necessity our driver will transport our cars to hotels, airports, any ordered plots. If you are interested in car races with our instructors we can provide chance to travel along the route of classic Monte Carlo rally, or to participate on historic races. We later intend to widen our car- park with types like Citroen, Alfa, Ford Capri and with earlier mentioned “exotic” East- European models, as Dacia, Warszawa, and the nowadays rare types of Wartburg and Trabant. A certain part of interested people has never met these makes, and we want to make young ones familiar with 30-40 years old technics and give them chance to try this sometime very famous vehicle. The F1-fans can roll along the trail of the race Grand Price of Monaco the movie-fans can car drive in the site of Cannes Festival, but one can enjoy the fabulous ways of Nizza, Grasse, St.Paul, Frejus as well together with the feeling of cities from the perspective of our grandparents. The bureau and site of acc are situated near Cannes. The vehicles are technic prepared, and supplied with obligatory assurances. But never forget: they are not yesterday born children, in their ages even people doesn’t like running Marathon. We hope on our home-pages you’ll find all necessary information. We are awaiting your precious interest!

Renting rules

Reservation : valid, if 50% of the rent has been paid.

Cancellation : if it is made one week earlier the whole sum will be paid back. If closer than one week to the start of the rent the 50% of renting sum is payable, or can be transferred to another reservation.

Renting day : the minimal renting time is 24 hours. The commissioning takes ca. 30 minutes, please count on it.

Necessary documents : driving license, with minimum validity of 3 years and another photo-containing document suitable for personal identification, valid for minimum 1 more years. Expected age of life in general 21 years, in some cases 28 years.

Assurance : the renting fee contains the liability insurance.

Caution : an indicated sum at the cars, to pay of which a (sometimes two) bank-card is necessary. No transfer will be completed; the sum of the caution will be just blocked.

Driving limit : the renting prize contains 120 km daily driving, above will be charged 2€/km.