Retro cars, azure beach

On the most beautiful spot of France and perhaps the world, Azur Classic car rental company offers the possibility to enjoy this form of time-traveling from Menton to Saint Tropez, sitting in historic, classic, and young-timer cars such Jaguars, Aston-Martins, Mercedes’, and Mustangs.

We offer exotic cars like Warszawa or Volga, the favorite of communist officers.
In the communist era, citizens of social countries in Europe paid 50% of the purchase price of a Lada, a Polski Fiat or a Skoda, and usually they had to wait years of even decades to receive their dream car. Was it worth it? You be the judge of it.
Escape the dullness of your everyday life, live a lifelong experience and drive an old-timer. Our cars are fit to attend weddings, parties, any kind of social events. If you prefer, we provide a driver to take you anywhere you like, so you can fully enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in car races, along with our instructors we provide the chance to travel along the route of the classic Monte Carlo rally or to participate in historic races. F1 fans can roll along the trail of the race Grand Price of Monaco, movie fans can car drive down the site of Festival de Cannes, but if you only want to enjoy the sunset on the roads of Nice, Grasse, St. Paul of Fréjus, you’re welcome to do it, as well.

Our bureau is located in Mougins, near Cannes. Our vehicles are in flawless condition and all insured. We are waiting for your visit. Hop in and be part of a luxurious time-travel experience!

Rental conditions

Reservation: valid if 50% of the rental fee is paid, you received a confirmation mail and you are over 21 years old (28 years for certain models)

- up to one week prior to pickup date: 25% of rental fee is deducted (can be used for another rental for 365 days)
- within one week prior to pickup date: the whole rental fee is deducted (can be used for another rental for 365 days)

Rental period: minimum rental period is 24 hrs. Please note that preparations take ca. 30 minutes.

Necessary documents: driving license, with a minimum validity of 3 years and another photo-ID, with a minimum validity of 4 years.

Insurance: the renting fee contains the liability insurance

Deposit: depends on the brand & model, can be paid in cash or by credit card

Driving limit: the rental fee contains up to 120 km km/day, if you cross this limit, you will be charged 2€/km.

Please find our complete rental conditions here.