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Warszawa is a Polish brand, models were manufactured by Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych, in Warsaw, between 1951 and 1973.

Warszawa models were the first cars built in Poland after the war. They were popular among taxi drivers for their reliability and durability, but they weren’t powerful enough for their size and weight, so their fuel consumption was high. Altogether 254 471 Warszawa models were produced. The car was named after the city Warsaw, and manufactured according to plans of soviet GAZ-M-20 Pobeda, delivered by Car Factory Gorky. Until 1957, Warszawa was completely identical with Pobeda, afterwards the front of the car was altered, and smaller modifications were made in the driving chain; the compression ratio was raised from 6.2:1 to 6.8:1. The new model was named Warszawa M20 57, later known as Warszawa 200. From 1962 on the car was equipped with a straight four-cylinder overhead (OHV) engine, which was a much more modern solution than the original side-valve variant. Meanwhile the chassis had to go through some modernization to meet the European requirements better, but it lacked the western design.

In 1967, it was announced that Warszawa cars made for western market would be equipped with 1.76 liter Perkins Diesel engines. The first model was presented at the Poznan International Fair in July 1967.