Volkswagen Karmann Ghila

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The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible is a stylish 2-door sports car built between 1957 and 74. It combines the styles of the VW Beetle (styling by Italian firm Carozzeria Ghia) and hand-built bodywork by German firm Karmann. During its productive years, over 80,000 models were built and it cost 300 to 400$ more than its coupé variant – understandably, as the convertible car is far more elegant and classy to satisfy posh-loving American needs. It was mostly designed for Sun Belt areas, it does not endure well the rust-producing salted winter roads. In 1967, horsepower climbed to 53, and the car could hit 90 mph by 1972 with its larger 1.6-liter, 60-horsepower four-cylinder. It’s main attraction is its perfect look, but it keeps up with the traffic and easy to handle.