Cabriolet from the GDR.

Trabant Tramp

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The Trabant 601 (or Trabant P601) is a car of small category, produced by Car Factory VEB Sachsenring in Zwickau/German Democratic Republic. This was the third Trabant model, its production was made between 1963 and 1990, therefore the 601 became the car of longest production and best known. Thanks to the last fact it is mentioned only as “Trabant”, or “The Trabi” without marking the type. 2 818 547 pieces was made of it, and this was the car sold in highest number in the history of the GDR.

Trabant 601 TRAMP – (it was put into the offer in 1978). It was a variant of the Kübel(=Bucket), the most exemplars were manufactured to Greek export.