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Trabant 601

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The Trabant 601 (or Trabant P601) is a car of small category, produced by Car Factory VEB Sachsenring in Zwickau/German Democratic Republic. This was the third Trabant model, its production was made among 1963 and 1990, therefore the 601 became the car of longest production and best known. 2 818 547 pieces was made of it, and this was the car sold in highest number in the history of the GDR.

At the planning the target was to originate a cheap, and reliable car with low repairing and maintaining cost. In its time the Trabant was regarded modern because of more reasons: front-drive, low consumption engine, self-supporting chassis with composite parts, and independent carriage. With march of time the only serious disadvantage became the DKW-originated engine of two stroke from before the World War II.

But in the GDR little money was left for development, so the Trabant was made with two-stroke-engine till the production end, having been acceptable in the 60s, but from 1980 on was regarded a rarity and antiquated.  The production of the most successful and best known model of Trabant was ceased in 1990, its place was taken over by the Trabant 1.1 which had a four-stroke engine.