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Trabant 601 Special – 1968

60€ rent per day
Deposit 1000€
2-3 day 50€ / day
4-7 day 40€ / day
Available from 15 July
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Trabant 601 is regarded as Eastern Germany’s version of ‘people’s car’. The purpose was to provide a cheap but reliable car with low maintaining costs. Trabant was seen as a very modern car for several reasons, such as the front wheel drive, a low maintenance engine, unitary construction and composite bodywork. The only drawback was the pre-war DKW-based engine, which was introduced in Trabant due to the lack of financial supplies. Consequently, as of the 80’s, it was regarded as an antique rarity. The production of the most successful and best known Trabant model stopped in 1990, its place was taken over by Trabant 1.1 which already had a modern four-stroke engine.