Souvenir of old times.

Skoda Felicia – Cabrio

200€ rent per day
Deposite 2000€
2-3 day 180€ / day
4-7 day 160€ / day
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Odd-one-out among the socialistic produced cars: it is pretty, and cabriole too, thousands desire on it in the sixties, very popular under old-timer’s.

The name Felicia learned the publicans in 1959, but the car itself can be bought from 1959, but then called 450, which differed somehow from its 2-years-older sister.  The bases originated from the Octavia, which was a two-doors-sedan, or two-doors-kombi (in older name model 440 and 445) with the same central tubular-framed chassis (reinforced on many points because of lack of rolling bow) in front triangular swinging arm, in rear swing axle, worm steering device made happy the owners of the Felicia.

The designers did nor invest much work into the conversion. The body-ironers had only the task to draw the lower line of the side windows downward by some cm, and to push the plate cutter backward to the rear tail unit. The top of luggage rack became flatter, all this modification made more graceful the otherwise lumbering back of the car.