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Mercedes W 115- 1973

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It was called /8 (Strichacht – slash eight) in Germany by the first production year, because the production was started in January 1968 and continued till December 1976. In this year the manufacturing of the Mercedes-Benz W123 was fully running, but the taxi-drivers in Germany were strict standing upon their good old “standing headlights” cars, which got therefore one-year respite.

Though not it was the pride of the Plant, the in far less amount produced 600, or other six-, or eight-cylinder models were much more displayed in the propaganda staff (Mercedes-Benz in aller Welt = Mercedes Benz in whole world), after all it was the mostly successful model in Stuttgart. The W114/W115 were the first post-war manufactured Mercedes-Benz carssupplied with new designed carriage, and not after the predecessor models. The novelties were the semi-closed back levers and the operation board with spherical joints.