Russian people’s car.

Lada 2101

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4-7 day 60€ / day
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The direction of the Soviet Union seeking solution to the heavy lack of cars and technological lagging have decided to build a new car factory of big production ability which shall manufacture the product of a foreigner (first of all western) car factory in license in large number with a long standing technology. After running more thousand km tests the soviet technicians decided to the model Fiat 124 of the car factory Fiat as the best adequate.

The Fiat 124 was presented in the Motor Show of Geneva, then after its presentation in 1967 was rewarded with the title “Auto of the Year” first of all for the in its applied technological innovation and convenient drivability. The earlier model of the Fiat was then already produced in more country in license (Polski Fiat 125p, Zastava, SEAT 1500). The Italian car factory undertook to develop the Fiat124R according to the need of soviets which will contain all the modification necessary to the every-day use under soviet road conditions. Based on this, the soviet direction signed a license-contract with the car factory Fiat according to which the Italian party will equip the Car Factory Volga to be built in Togliatti, transfer the necessary technological know-how, and deliver the technical and manufacturing documentation of Fiat124R.