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Lada 1500

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The VAZ-2103 Zhiguli (also known as ’Lada 1500’ or ’Trojka’) is a deluxe compact sedan car, produced by VAZ, introduced in 1972 and produced until 1984. It was introduced at the same time with Fiat 124, and the two show much resemblance. Tailored for the Eastern European market, 2103 has double sets of headlights and a powerful 75 hp (56 kW; 76 PS) 1,452 cc (88.6 cu in) straight four petrol engine. It was designed for Russian roads, so it’s comfortable even on the bumpy roads, but Lada cars have always interested even foreign investors; for instance, Coca-Cola imported drinks to the Soviet Union in exchange for Lada cars, which were then shipped to the UK. It’s definitely the most comfortable choice – try it now!