The battering ram

Hummer H3

300€ rent per day
Deposit 3000€
2-3 day 280€ / day
4-7 day 250€ / day
Available from 15 July
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The Hummer H3 is a large SUV that was marketed by Hummer and built by AM General from 2002 to 2009. This model is the four-door pickup truck version, introduced in 2005. It has a V8 engine with a capacity of 6.2 liters. It’s a massive three-ton beast, indestructible and unusually large, even for an SUV. No wonder the first Hummer was used for military purposes by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, our model is a bit more refined, but still carries the characteristics of a true Hummer.

This model can only be driven if you’re over 27!