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Ford Mustang V8 - 1968

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Ford Mustang is a passenger car by Ford Motor Company, originally based on Ford Falcon compact, but this is a much stronger muscle car, also known as ‘the pony car’. The first model rolled down the conveyor belt in Dearborn, Michigan on 9 March 1964. On 17 April 1964 in New York World’s Fair, it was presented to an impressed public and on 19 April, it was officially introduced in the American Television Network. It also appears in the James Bond movie Goldfinger.

Ford Mustang V8 has crucial significance in the history of Mustang. In the first 18 months, more than a million models were sold in car saloons.
Five months before the mass production, the model was introduced as a model of late 1964, later, more correctly, it received the name ‘beginning of 1965’, as there were some serious changes in it. The first hard-top car with straight, 6-cylinder 170 in3 engine and 3-shift manual gearbox was offered for 2,368 US$.

After a couple of smaller modifications, the industrial production of Mustang started in 1965, and five months later it was considered the best investment of the year, produced from April until September. First it had a complete refurbishment of engine. The 2.8-engine prepared the way to the new, 3.2-engine. The improvement of the 4.3-engine was finished in 1964. They were changed to the 4,700 cm3-engine with a double-venture carburetor, just like the V8’s. The following one was a four-venture-carburetor system and later the ‘HiPo’ 4700.