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Citroen 2CV

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The 2CV is one very successful model of the French Car Factory Citroën. The 2CV was a car with an air-cooled front-engine and front driving, which was presented in 1948 in Paris. The designation “2CV” was originated from the French expression “two horses” (“deux chevaux-VAPEUR, literally “steam horses”) and recalls to the tax-horsepower.

It was manufactured from 1948 till 1990.

The Vice-President of Citroën, Pierre Boulanger had the idea to help in motorization the French farmer struggling with horses, carts in the France of 1930-s years. The 2CV was a combination of designing and practicum with its simple chassis.

The 2CV was extraordinary cheap, then simple too, had an easy-to-serve air-cooled engine and low fuel consumption.

In France between 1948 and 1989 (and in Portugal 1989-1990) were manufactured more than 3,8 million 2CV, and more than 1,2 million small pickup based on 2CV called Fourgonettes. In 2011 The Globe Mail called the 2CV: “Matchless car”